Cloud-Tango (クラタン) is a service that allows you to easily create, use, and share word books (one question and one answer) on your PC and smartphone. You can easily type your own word book at home (PC) and study it on the train (smartphone).


How to use

Google Sheets Add-On

1. After installing the add-on, enable it by using "Add-ons"> "ClaTan for GSheet"> "Start"

2. Write headings in "A1" and "B1" cells respectively.

3. Enter the questions in the form of one question one answer below them

4. When finished, press "Add-ons"> "ProjectQAScriptTS"> "Sync current sheet" to upload the quiz

5. Since the ID and QR code are displayed on the right, read from the app (If the QR code is not displayed, please reload the sheet)


1. Launch the app and launch the camera from the bottom right “≡”> “Scan QR”

2. Read the QR code created by Google Sheets add-on

3. Tap to confirm and start when problems appear in the list

About permissions

Google Sheets Add-On

・ By using, a dialog is displayed in Sheets.

・ Using, the created problem is uploaded to Google Firebase and synchronized.